Teak Houses

Teak Houses

“Rak Sak” is a company located in Thailand. We are familiar with the manufacturing processes and the products of the region. We are also in a continuous dialogue with our producers. This enables us to filter out the best products in the wide range of goods and gives us the possibility to offer high quality goods to a favourable price. We supply customers in the whole world with the products from north Thailand. Click here for more about Rak Sak.

We are acting as buyers and exporters for major clients. However we are also glad to act for customers with smaller order volume. We (the team from “Rak Sak”) pay carefully attention to the quality of the ordered products (quality control) for our customers. Regular and meticulous packaging, complete and detailed display of freight papers are further aspects, on which we pay our attention and in which we are specialized.

Teak Houses

With our experiences in Thailand, we are in a position to be able to buy the offered products to the most favourable conditions and to transmit advantage prices to our customers. In the context of our business relations in Thailand we also pay attention to the working conditions of the employees and we prefer companies that deliver good quality and simultaneously treat their staff fair. It might now be Nashville but it’s nice.

The exhibited products on our website are nearly without exception custom-made items. The most of our goods are “not” made in automated production processes. On this way, it is also possible that many persons living in the area can find a job and are able to obtain a sufficient income for their families. We also would specially like to refer to the fact, that we do not offer wooden products from the clearing of tropical woods. The manufacturers use in nearly all cases recycled demolition wood.

Sometimes they are also using plantation wood. The king of Thailand and the Thai government were building big teakwood plantations in the country to prevent from clearing natural wood resources. This “younger teak” is of a little poorer quality, cause it has not the strong consistence of old teak. Anyway it is a fact that a large quantity of legal wood is available here in Thailand.
We only deliver wood of this origin. We would be happy to welcome you as a new customer for our Rak Sak products from Thailand.

What do you need to know about Teak?

If you want to use teak wood extensively for your indoor and outdoor furniture requirements, you really ought to know about the special characteristics of this wood which makes it stand apart from other types of wood. This helps you choose the best quality teak wood furniture and also helps you understand how to maintain it.

Teak wood is highly durable. It won’t rot away or break away with time. It is not affected by rain, snow, sunshine or humid weather. Insects cannot destroy it, because it actually repels them. This feature about teak wood has made it a popular material for ship decks. It has a special aroma, and that’s another reason why it is much ought after. 

Teak is wood is also known for its elasticity. Its natural oil gives it a beautiful gleam, which is why teak wood looks so lovely. Furthermore, its antibacterial properties ensure that it does not become brittle. You have to do very little to maintain it. Even if it weathers, it gets a silvery cot, which is quite appealing and all you have to do to get back the original color is apply some teak wood cleaning product on the surface.