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Hua Hin Land and House is a Real Estate Company, with its Head Office in Hua Hin. Affiliated with our best professional contacts all over Thailand, we can help you find the house, condominium, apartment, plot of land or any project of YOUR DREAMS ANYWHERE IN THAILAND and even beyond!

If you understand what we mean: we rather sell places where you feel at home, than houses...

Through the years we established a number of very reliable contacts with many Real-Estate-Agencies all over the country and beyond, that proofed their value already in this complicated market and, more important: that work strictly according to our integer rules! We take a very high pride in that! According Real Estate Law, we are updated all the time.

Affiliated with our best professional contacts all over Thailand. We offer many interesting listings: not only in investment-opportunities, but also in homes, condominiums and plots of land: your own dream-home or long-term project can be realized directly with the sellers through our network of local relations. All these services are freely available for you by just contacting us.

Many people still think, that contacting a Real-Estate-Agency only cost them extra money. With Hua Hin Land & House, this is absolutely NOT the case: We get paid by our sellers and all our services are freely available for You! Only the establishment of a private LTD will cost you a fee. But there we also can guarantee you not only the best services, but also the lowest prices!

Hua Hin Land and House assists you from start to finish making sure, that you get the most satisfactory deal. We can also offer you many different kinds of property solutions.

Based on Hua Hin Land and House's long experience in the poperty-bussiness, we are able to present your Exclusive Project at many different Second Home Exhibitions all over the world. We speak several languages and are used to make high quality art presentations, all according to your personal wishes. If you are interested in this aspect of Hua Hin Land and House's services: do not hesitate to contact us; you surely will be surprised about our professionalism in this aspect...

Look here for various samples of our exhibitions abroad, some photos.


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Hua Hin Land And House's Golf Tours

Golf Packages: We have many clients that play golf and they ask for good golf courses and other info, we are able now to provide you three different golf packages, really the best you can get in Hua Hin, it's for all levels, please contact us!

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